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Field Band Uniforms - Uniform Policies

The uniform is to be treated with respect at all times.  Do your best to take an extra few moments for the necessary proper care of your uniform.  Failure to adhere to the uniform dress codes will result in the student not being allowed to perform.  Damage to any part of the marching band uniform will result in a fine, which would cover the replacement cost and shipping costs of a new uniform. 

  1. Shako hat – The Shakos (hat) should be worn straight on top of the head. It should be kept clean and held upright in front of the body, cradled inside the bend of the left elbow.
  2. Jacket – Completely zip jacket at all times when in public.
  3. Bibs – The bibs are worn completely zipped in the front at all times.
  4. Shoes –Shoes should be kept clean and spotless. Solid black socks are to be worn with the shoes. Shoes will get lost in the band room if you leave them out; use your band locker or garment bag to store your shoes when they are not on your feet! Mark the inside of your shoes so you can identify them if they go missing.
  5. Underneath the uniform – A black T- shirt with no writing or decoration must be worn underneath the uniform. You absolutely must have sleeves on the t-shirt you wear under the uniform! Dark shorts will always be worn under the uniform. These garments facilitate speedy dressing and comfort during bus rides. In addition, please use good judgment when and where you change.
  6. Guard – The Guard Instructor will provide guidelines on care of the guard uniforms. All guard members will follow the same protocol as wind and percussion members.
  7. Personal grooming – All students will conform to standards set forth in the O’Fallon Township High School Dress Code. In addition, NO JEWERY WILL BE WORN. It is advised not to get ears pierced during marching season. Long hair must be put up into hats so it does not lie over the back of the uniform; THIS APPLIES TO BOTH BOYS AND GIRLS. Girls should not wear excessive make-up or nail polish if fingertips are exposed. A professional appearance is expected in order to perform. Dr. G. has the final judgment on appearance for performance.



The following items are needed during the season: 

         Show shirt

         White O’Fallon Band polo

         Khaki walking shorts, capris, or pants (dress for the weather)

         Nice gym shoes

In order to participate at the performance, proper attire is expected.  NO EXCUSES!  For each performance event, specific directions will be given regarding attire for the day.

Drum majors and section leaders will be responsible to double-check attire, etc.  If traveling on a long trip, alternative dress may be announce.

Please help us run a successful uniform program by bringing all required uniform items to all performances and not losing items during transportation. It is an EXCELLENT idea to bring all required items in your garment bag (if you are not wearing them) and place them back in the garment bag immediately after a performance. Please remember to take your socks and gloves home for washing.

Karen and Greg Simpkins


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