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Click here to download a blank order form

Click here to download a blank excel spreadsheet

Deadline for orders to be turned in at Smiley is Tuesday, April 24th by 3pm; by 2:30 pm at the main office of Milburn.  Please ensure that your order goes into the wooden Scrip box, on the floor, next to the band office, not in the black box on the door which is for the band trip payments!  Contact Melissa Toennies to make other arrangements for order drop off. 
Don't forget about Shop with Scrip! If you use that, you can enter your order at your leisure (before the order deadline). If you don't use PrestoPay, you need to put your check made out to OTHS Band Boosters into the Scrip box - I will pull your order from the ShopwithScrip site.
•If you have a student who is going to college for the first time, or possibly going back to college, I thought the web page below was very helpful in showing potential ways of using Scrip cards to help with those costs:

What is the Scrip/Gift Card Program?

Click here to see Exciting *New* Information below!

It is simply families purchasing gift cards and receiving a percentage of that money back into an account to be used by their student for future "big" trips. When you purchase scrip gift cards, you're purchasing negotiable gift certificates and prepaid cards that are used just like cash. You can use them to purchase everyday expenses like food, clothing, and other essentials. With every purchase, you earn revenue for your student! Participating retailers include Walmart/Sam's Club, Pizza Hut, JC Penney, Lowes, Red Lobster, Shell, Panera Bread, iTunes, and many more! The complete list of retailers is at

Scrip is very easy

Scrip is a popular fundraiser because students don't have to sell ANYTHING. Families produce revenue for their student by making regular household purchases they would make anyway. Groceries, clothing, toys, gifts, even gasoline can be purchased with the gift cards. Families can increase their revenue by giving gift cards for special occasions and by having additional family members or friends order gift cards, as well.

Here's an Example:

On your next Scrip/Gift Card order, you order:

1 Applebees $50.00 (8%)
2 Bob Evans $20.00 (10%)
1 Chevy's Fresh Mex $25.00 (8%)
3 St. Louis Bread Co. $30.00 (9%)
1 Walmart/Sam's Club $100.00 (2%)
1 JC Penney $100.00 (5%)
1 CVS $25.00 (6%)

You'd write a $350 check payable to OTHS Band Boosters, and your child would make $18.20 ($19.20 minus $1.00 for shipping/materials) which would be placed in his/her trip account. If you're replacing carpeting, or making a large purchase at Lowes or Home Depot, your child's revenue could add up very quickly! In just one year, some families could easily earn $300 or more by planning ahead and buying scrip cards as gifts, for groceries, clothing purchases, and many other expenses. With the Kohls gift cards, you may even use them to pay off your credit card balances!

What do I need to do to start buying Scrip gift cards?

Every other week (during the school year), you will receive an email from This email will contain a link to the current order form as well as important information regarding additions/deletions of retailers as well as increased percentages being offered by certain retailers during that order period. Try to take advantage of these to increase your student's revenue!

Please print and complete the order form, attach a check, place in a sealed envelope with your student's name on front, and drop it off in the Scrip mailbox in the OTHS Band Room by the deadline shown on the order form. If your student forgets to drop the order off, you are welcome to drop it off at my home (call Melissa Toennies at (home) 622-1803 or (cell) 604-2990). If you are ordering for friends and family, please consolidate all of their order information onto one form (I can accept multiple checks per order form). There is a $1.00 fee taken out for each order to offset the cost of shipping/handling as well as supplies to keep the program going.

Typically the deadline will fall on a Tuesday, but not always (based on school closings, holidays, etc.). When the orders arrive, you will receive an email letting you know that your order is in and when/where to pick it up. This will usually be in the band room following a practice, but that will fluctuate at different times of year, particularly during the summer months. During the summer, we will provide different drop off/pickup points.

Increase your earnings

  Keep in mind Christmas purchases and birthdays - you can always buy the scrip cards and then either
   give them as gifts, or use them to purchase gifts.

Take advantage of the special bonuses that come out periodically - certain retailers will increase their
   percentage for a limited time, e.g., JC Penney is usually 5%, and they may have a promotion
   where they will offer 8%.

Encourage family members to buy scrip cards from you! If you have a family member who shops at
   Shop and Save, for instance, see if they will buy cards from you to support your student's band trip.

If you are traveling over the holidays, consider gas cards and airline tickets
   (American Airlines scrip cards are available.)

Shop with Scrip Online Ordering

I have some exciting news! You will now have the opportunity to order your Scrip cards online, if you choose! Using ShopWithScrip, you will be able to place your order at your convenience, from any PC with Internet capabilities. You will also have the option of using PrestoPay to pay for your order (after you register for that) and the order amt will be deducted automatically from your checking account. You will be able to see, online, what your profit will be for that order (but it will not show the shipping amt deducted out of your profit, so please keep that in mind – for each order placed, I will still have to deduct from your profit to cover shipping). Important: This is totally optional! If you still wish to place your order on a hard copy, that is totally fine.

If you choose to enroll in the program, you MUST provide an email address; however, they do not give your email address out to anyone.

One very exciting feature of the ShopwithScrip program is that you can reload certain cards (about 24 different ones). They have a listing of them online, but if you choose to do that, it automatically reloads it and you don’t have to wait for a card to arrive (and you can choose the reload amount).

Important – although you are ordering your cards online at your convenience, they will not ship until I have moved ALL ORDERS onto a P.O. This just gives you the flexibility of adding your cards at your convenience. I will still give everyone a deadline for getting their orders in, and then I will make sure to move everyone’s orders at the same time onto a PO, and then they will get shipped out by Great Lakes Scrip.

Please look below and notice the information on how to get started with ShopwithScrip – you will need our enrollment code which I will provide for you when you contact me. I also encourage you to sign up for Presto Pay. **** If you don’t sign up for Presto Pay, and you order online with ShopWithScrip, you will have to submit your check into the Scrip box by the order deadline for me to allow your order to be added to the purchase order. ****

Once you enroll, there is a “User Guide” link on the left-hand side. I encourage you to print that out as it will detail everything you need to know about using ShopWithScrip. Please email me with any questions that you have. I will be placing another order on April 28. If you place any ShopWithScrip orders, your order will be added to the PO on that date. However, if you have any cards you wish to reload (not all cards are reloadable, but Lowes is, for example), you could do that right away and not have to wait for the card to be shipped.

1. Obtain your enrollment code from your Scrip Coordinator, Melissa Toennies.
2. Go to and click on "Create Account".
3. Follow the 4 simple steps and click "I Accept".

4. Enter your enrollment code and click "Join".


Contact OTHS Band Booster Scrip/Gift Card Program chairperson Melissa Toennies at
(home) 622-1803 or (cell) 604-2990) / email: at


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